Do I have a choice?

These women must work over 14 hours every day without a break if a paying client is waiting. The women do not get paid overtime and they do not get to keep all of the money from each client they’ve served.

The average debt amount collected by their trafficker $20,000 – $50,000. This amount does not include things like food, accommodation, supplies, travel costs, and other trafficker demands on their money.

The women are expected to be on-call at all times and are often forced to live and work in the massage parlor. Mattresses, laundry, fridges and kitchen equipment can be found in the back where the women are forced to live.

These women are charged excessive interest rates against their debts when unable to pay upfront, which the majority cannot.

A recent study calculated that of the women in the Asian Massage Parlor, 91% will have been arrested for providing sexual services. A damaging criminal record that will follow them around for life.

Many of the women feel trapped, isolated, and hopeless that they will never get out or be free.

Studies show that 75% of the women have children they are desperately trying to financially support and are often ripped away from their children when forced to relocate to a new Asian Massage Parlor.

Many of the women have been disowned and publicly shamed by their families for providing sexual services to clients. They are cut off from their families and community and treated as an outsider from that day forward.

Majority of these women reported repeated physical violence, beatings, and robbery from their clients as well as their traffickers.

A recent study shows:

36% of the women were not allowed or unable to receive a medical checkup in the last year or longer.
7% of the women reported having at least one sexually transmitted infection (STI) but were unable to seek proper medical treatment.
43% of the women had never been tested for HIV.
7% of the women reported having at some point been given hepatitis.

The majority of these women report either unwanted sexual encounters with or violent rape by their clients.

Do you still think I have a choice?